Rolled out of bed and into my yoga clothes. Didn’t realize until I was halfway to the studio that it was Day in the Life, so I forgot my camera. Thank goodness for smart phones! 🙂 It was a rainy, rainy day, but pretty warm.



There was a substitute teacher who kicked me in the head. So I deserved some coffee from the Swedish coffee shop (yes, that makes sense)!


When I got home, V. had just gotten up, so I joined him on the couch to watch the BBC news and drink my coffee.


News watching quickly turned into cat portrait taking.




Eventually I heated a slice of veggie pizza for myself.


Took a shower….


Vacuumed and generally cleaned the apartment up a bit.


Vernon go the cat carrier out and I started worrying about getting Gogo into it. Didi, of course, walked right into it and settled down.


We got Didi out and V. got Gogo in by wrapping her in a towel and pushing a little. Then she cried and cried while V. went to pick up the car.


Had to wait for a while at the vet, and Gogo wasn’t happy. I HATE taking her to the vet, it breaks my heart.


When we got home it was about 3.30pm and still raining.

DSC_0038Made some tea.


Skyped with our dear friends for a while. They were making tilapia and had to check on it once in a while.


Got ready for dinner and took our best fashion model selfie.


Went to Le Philosophe in Manhattan. They sat us in the basement, where there were only 3 tables and a lovely wall of wine, so it was very cozy. I had roasted mushrooms with quinoa. Delicious.

IMG_2467 IMG_2469

Took a taxi to a bar on the Lower East Side. It was behind a secret door in an art gallery. How did i forget to take a picture of that?

The bar was really dark but the bathroom had a bright chandelier….

IMG_2471Took another cab home and fell into bed. Good night.