Tortilla Soup

I confess! I made tortilla soup without tortillas. I couldn’t find tortillas at the co-op and we had corn bread in the house, which was a perfectly good corn carb stand-in. But if you want to know exactly whether the recipe in the book is great, I can only extrapolate that is. The soup itself is light, made great by the addition of very fresh, ripe tomatoes. It would make a good appetizer for a latin dinner party, and V. and I ate it with the Beet and Fig Salad, also from the cookbook, for a very satisfying weeknight dinner.

5 cups of stock seemed like way too much to me, so instead I used 2 lbs of tomatoes and reduced the stock to 2 cups (so you might argue that I didn’t test the recipe in the book at all, but I think the whole point of a cookbook is inspiration, and everyone tweaks recipes to fit their palate, right? The important thing in this case is the combination of flavors, which the book provided).

Recipe is on page 30.