And , just like that. another month has flown by and it’s time for September’s Day in the Life. As usual, Erica is posting hers over here.

There is nothing better than a relaxing labor day weekend! Sunday was perfect in that regard.

Although, now that I think about it, it didn’t start out so relaxing. I went for a run, and for the first time, I made it around the park without having to walk at least part of the way. It’s 3.5 miles, which seems seems sort of pathetic in comparison to all the friends I have who regularly run 12 miles at a stretch, but it took me a long time to work up to. And it was so hard! 12 miles might as well be as far as the moon! So I’m excited about the 3.5!! Here’s a before and after shot:

I needed to cool off before showering, so I chopped some watermelon to refrigerate for our picnic later.

Then I took a shower.

Went to Duane Reade and to the food co-op to get supplies for the picnic.

Came home and had breakfast. Tofu scramble leftovers from breakfast yesterday, and left-over rice, beans and spinach from Candle Cafe. (The Queen has a new friend)!

Watched a little Meet the Press over breakfast.

Marinated vegetables according to the Candle 79 Cookbook.

Prepped some corn on the cob.

Made peach and blueberry pie (recipe to follow this week).

While the pie was in the oven, we skyped with my parents.

Then snuggled with the kitties and watched a little Dr. Who.

At 4pm we met Vikram and Nidhi in the park.

And their kids, Rohan and Arya (best names ever)!!

Vikram set up the grill and we started with some veggies.

Ari came a little later (the picnic was all students from Vernon’s tae kwon do class in the park)….

with Chris.

We ate corn…

The non-vegetarians had lobster, and halibut, which Vikram prepared perfectly.

Then we all had pie. There were no left-overs.

Rohan had bought this game at the indo-American fair in New Jersey on Saturday, and it kept everyone entertained.

Oh,…and then there was also grilled pineapple for dessert….yum!

We played a game of frisbee in the dark, but I didn’t get a picture.

Came home around 8.30pm and showered.

Collapsed on the couch with the kitties and watched Wallander. Well, Vernon did. I was asleep by 9.30pm.