Chickpea Crepes

Wild Mushroom, Asparagus, and Spring Vegetable Crepes

Tarragon Aioli

I’m going to have to quote George Takei right here and say “oh my”! These breakfast crepes were absolutely, out of this world, amazing! When Lisa raved about the crepes themselves, I thought they looked good, but the fact is they are so much easier to make than non-vegan crepes, they are gluten free, they come out perfectly tender and taste terrific! You never need to bother with another crepe recipe again. Provided you can get chickpea flour. But if it’s not in your local grocery store, Amazon can provide. Even in Germany. I checked, because I want my parents to try these, and they’re in the countryside with a tiny healthfood store, and often can’t get all the delicious things I tell them about! All this to say, there’s no excuse and you should make them as soon as possible!

And make the aioli too! It’s a little bit of work, but soooooo delicious, and you can have the leftovers on sandwiches, or in wraps, for the rest of the week!

I had zucchini and fresh corn in the fridge, so I used these in the filling, in place of the asparagus and fava beans. You could throw together any vegetables you like for this dish, and it would come out perfect.

It’s another one to go into the top 5 recipes from the book (I think there are at least ten of them in the top five by now, but who cares)?!

Crepe recipe is on page 130.

Filling recipe is on page 131.

Tarragon aioli is on page 126.