Tempeh Cakes

Where do us vegetarians get our protein? Try this tempeh cake! Rice, beans an tempeh all pressed together into a patty, add a few veggies and you’ve got a perfectly balanced meal! Last night we had these with tomato sauce and sides of fresh corn on the cob and asparagus. Sadly, it was so dark by the time we ate that all the pictures came out blurry. For lunch today I just made a quick spinach salad and baked the tempeh cake in the toaster oven to go on top. Last night I fried them, but honestly, the baked one was just as good, and infinitely less messy.

I did mean to make the zucchini blossom sauce to go with them, having seen zucchini blossoms in the market last week, but yesterday there were none to be found. Another time, then! Tomato sauce was a good addition, and cashew sour cream would have been delicious as well.

Recipe is on page 80.