Hello! It’s time for another edition of Day in the Life. You can find Erica’s day over here.

Got up at 7.45 and had tea with the Queen.

The computer reminded me to water the bonsai, which involves soaking it in the sink for 2 minutes.

V. and Gogo watched the BBC news.

I checked email and blogs.

I made the first batch of meringues for the day.

And had breakfast: strawberries, bananas, muesli and soy milk.

Took a shower.

Ironed my skirt. I bought it at Anthropologie more than 15 years ago. Haven’t pulled it out for a couple of years, but this summer I’m loving it again.

Out the door and to the train…

where I’m still working my way through the second read-through of A Song of Ice and Fire.

Got out at Grand Central and walked East…

to a doctor’s appointment.

And back to Grand Central. This is the spot where Will Smith and his dog get ambushed by zombies in I Am Legend. I still think about that scene every time I walk or drive by here….creepiest movie I’ve ever seen, I think.

Got out in Chinatown to go the the bank.

Saw this and put it on the list of places to see very soon.

As well as this, a few blocks down!

Back on the train and across the bridge to Brooklyn.

Lunch was watercress with avocado, heirloom tomatoes and sunflower seeds.

And a few meringues.

Vaccumed (my least favorite chore ever).

Did laundry (in our lovingly decorated basement).

Took another shower.

Started making mockingjay cupcake toppers for Kea.

Tae kwon do in the park.

My favorite part of the day is sitting in the grass for meditation after class, fireflies everywhere, people playing, planes overhead, and sometimes bats…

We were so tired, we ordered Thai food and I bagged up the meringues.

And took the 3rd shower of the day. Did I mention it’s hot? Michael Ondaatje describes it in “Running in the Family” as feeling like someone cracked an egg over your back.

Finished the evening watching olympics reruns with cats on our laps.