Can you believe that it was all the way back in April that my family and I drove down to NYC to spend a few days with Anja, and it’s only NOW – the end of July – that I’m FINALLY posting a few photos of the wonderful meal that she cooked up for us?!! That’s kind of what my life has been like these days. Full of the the best of intentions but not enough time in my day to get it all done! However… I am, catching up a wee bit on my blogging!!!!!

Anja tells me that she has a massive kitchen for a New Yorker, and that it’s such a pleasure to work in compared to her last one.  However, I still can’t believe the amazing creations she pulls off in this galley-style kitchen 🙂
A glimpse of the infamous Candle 79 Cookbook – Anja cooked us the Wild Mushroom and Spring Vegetable Fricassee (p. 63)

And it was as delicious as it looks!!!!!  Seeing these photos again makes me want to hop into our car and drive south to visit once more!!!!!!