It’s been a while since my last post. My dad had a heart attack, so .V and i were in Germany for a week. He had to have a triple bypass, but is now well on the road to recovery (with lots of healthy recipe support from over here)!

I would have completely forgotten about the “Day in the Life” post, but luckily Erica reminded me, so here it is….just a little bit late (and you can find Erica’s post here). I didn’t bring a camera to Germany, so a lot of these shots were taken with my phone, and V.’s camera (which is all manual and extremely painful for me to use…though not as painful as it is for him to see me use it, I think)!

We rented a little studio apartment in a B&B across the street from the hospital. It was very quiet and so convenient for frequent visits to my dad throughout the day.

Here’s V. waking up:

While he was getting ready, I hand-washed a couple of T-shirts, because I didn’t quite pack correctly for the time we were staying.

My dad got moved out of the i.c.u. the night before, and into a room with 8 other people for observation. Apparently the after-effects of anesthesia can be quite severe and several other patients we’re screaming and yelling all night so my dad threatened to find another hospital if they didn’t give him a single occupancy room. They actually agreed (we discovered that the German medical system is awesome in many ways), so my mom went over early to help out.

The only spot where there was wifi was on this log in front of the reception, so I sat and sent a few quick emails.

V. and I went to the breakfast room. It was open all day so we could just help ourselves. They left a plate of butter and eggs in the fridge, for every room. The proprietor was genuinely concerned that we didn’t have enough butter for 2 people:

V. was still jetlagged.

The frontof the B&B:

Went back to the room to get our bags for the day. Wrote a couple of quick postcards.

There was too much going on at the hospital for all of us to be there at the same time, so V. and I took the bus into downtown Lübeck.

Lübeck is famous for it’s marzipan, so we stopped at the Niederegger store to get some for our friend James, and for V.’s mom.

In the windows, they had marzipan sculptures of various cities. The sign next to St. Peter’s Basilica said that it took the pastry chef 350 hours to make. As someone who sculpts cake all the time, that seems like WAY too much time, but it sounds impressive.

The European soccer cup just ended, so there were stil soccer buns to be had at the bakery.

We strolled down the Königsstrasse…

…to the Behnhaus, which is a great little art museum.

These were our favorite paintings:

Edvard Munch had a wealthy patron in Lübeck, a Dr. Linde, who commissioned the painting below, of his sons. I could have stood there and stared at it for hours.

The house is an 18th century merchant home, designed by a Danish architect. So many great details!

The marzipan store also has a cafe, so we went and shared a piece of cake…marzipan of course. It was way too rich, but man, I love German café culture.

Took the bus to the hospital, which is a very nice art deco building, just past the center of town.

Klaus’ room (he was taking a walk in the hall with V. and my mom):

They told him to eat lots of dried figs and apricots for calcium. And the thing with the tube is for breathing exercises.

We stayed a couple of hours and then walked through the hospital grounds back to the B&B. These beautiful linden trees were planted in 1800.

This meadow was gorgeous, with the big oak trees in the background. One of the trees is dead, but they’re leaving it standing to support the insects and birds that still use it.

V. had a glass of wine…

my mom ate some strawberries because she hadn’t eaten all day…

and she made some phone calls to all the awesome friends and family that have been so supportive!

We took the bus back to town to find a place for dinner.

Settled on this Argentinian garden restaurant, with view of a lake. I forgot to photograph the food, but I had a baked potato with ratatouille.

Balloons flew overhead and people were swimming. A beautiful evening.

We walked a little, then took a taxi back to the hotel and went to bed. The sun stays up till 10.30pm…gotta love the Northern latitudes!