Stuffed Poblano Peppers

Roasted Red Bell Pepper and Tomato Sauce

This is the recipe of a thousand steps, so put on your zen suit and prepare to walk the long road! You will roast your peppers and tomatoes, cover, cool, peel and chop them. Clean and cut your corn off the cob. Clean and chop all other veggies. Marinate (for several hours) your tempeh, then grill and cut it. Cook the tomato sauce, then pull out your blender and purée it. Then re-heat when ready to serve. Roast and peel your poblanos. Cook your brown rice. Mix everything, then put it in the oven to heat again…

And I’m leaving out steps…you get the picture. My immediate reaction was that “i’m never making this again, not because it’s bad, but because it isn’t amazing enough to warrant the monumental effort.” But then V. tasted it and declared it to be hands down, the best tomato sauce he’s ever tasted. And then he had three servings of peppers. So you see, you just never know when something is going to be a big hit. Or at least I don’t!

I made the tomato sauce exactly as directed. Next time I’m going to try using roasted peppers from a jar and see if it makes a difference. It would be so much more convenient.

The recipe says to cover the peppers with saran wrap after roasting, but it doesn’t say why, so I was inclined to skip this step, until google revealed that the steam from the peppers will loosen the skin more, and make them easier to peel.

I roasted the poblanos in the oven, instead of over an open flame. They were still difficult to peel, and they were over-cooked. I also used cremini mushrooms instead of oyster, because the latter weren’t available this week at the market. And I added some of the tomato sauce to the rice mixture to give it some tanginess and moisture. It almost made it like a paella in a pepper.

The poblano adds the tiniest hint of spice to everything.

By the time I got done with all of the above, I just didn’t feel like pulling out yet another pan for steaming swiss chard, and decided that there were plenty of veggies as is. Maybe it’ll get mixed into the leftovers for breakfast!

There is also plenty of tomato sauce left, so in the end, the long day of prep resulted in several meals’ worth of food., as well as a happy man. I will now stop grumbling.

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