So, Erica and I have decided to expand the “Week in the Life” concept a little bit, and to post a “Day in the Life” once a month for a year. It’s such a treat to have a visual reminder of all the things we wouldn’t normally take pictures of, and I love getting glimpses into other people’s lives. Ali Edwards is blogger who originally came up with the idea, and you can see her posts and many of her followers’ right here. Isn’t it incredible how much we all have in common, even if on the surface we seem so different? I wish I could get to know all of these people personally!

You can find Erica’s post here.

Here was my Saturday June 2nd, 2012:

Woke up on the couch. Moved here during the night when V. started snoring.

Breakfast was pear with almond butter and jasmine tea.

Put on a fancy dress to go to a 9.30am bar mitzvah. When I first moved to New York in 2000, I babysat Nathaniel, after his mom and I met in a class at the New School. I was with them on 9/11. We were close for a while but then lost touch, so it was very  exciting when I ran into his mom at the Apple store 2 years ago and we reconnected. Now Nathaniel’s 13! Oh my I feel old!

The ceremony was at Temple Beth Elohim, only a 5 minute walk from our apartment. I didn’t take any pictures inside. It was my first bar mitzvah and I was so excited to go. Rituals are so fascinating, aren’t they?!

Came home and worked on a vegan chocolate cake that I was donating to a charity event for The Pajama Program (check them out here) on Sunday.

Big mess in the fridge!

At 4pm I took a little break. Re-reading “A Clash of Kings.” I am completely obsessed with the Game of Thrones series!! I can’t stop watching, reading, and re-reading.

Took a little walk down to 5th Ave. in Park Slope. Absolutely perfect weather. This neighborhood has ubiquitous stoop sales as soon as it’s sunny!

I always discover new details on my walks through the neighborhood, even within 2 blocks of our place (too bad about the cable…in my head, I always see my German engineer father throwing up his hands in exasperation when I see things like this).

Love this lamp! It feeds into my Game of Thrones obsession! Who are these cool people that live here?

Got the mail on my way back inside.

Bar mitzvah cards are not very exciting. This was the best one I found on my walk.

V. and I ordered Chinese food on Friday night but never opened our fortune cookies. We finally did, with our afternoon cup of tea, and here’s my fortune. This cookie really knew me!

We got dressed up again to go to the party portion of the bar mitzvah.

It was a beautiful garden party. Check out the enormous loaf of homemade bread. Yum. And the salad bowl made to look like a wheel of parmesan…fancy!

The hosts eat a macrobiotic diet, so there was fish, as well as couscous with some kind of vegetable protein.

Dessert. Not macrobiotic.

Then a slide show of the birthday boy.

And dancing.

This mother and daughter were having a fabulous time.

Paper hipster hats were handed out.

And V. found a hand. (A lot of the guests were artists, so there were art materials strewn all over the party).

V. was still hungry when we got home, so he ate some sardines over the sink (his favorite snack).

And Didi is happy to share it with him if he lets her.

Both cats love to make out with the legs of our dining room chairs. We got them at an antiques store, so I wonder if there is a lingering smell of where they were before.

We watched “New Scandinavian Cooking,” which is a wonderful, unpolished cooking show, with its charismatic Northern host, Andreas Viestad.

V’s friend Joe called and asked if he wanted to go out, so the guys met, and I stayed on the couch, watching you know what. I can’t help it. I’m obsessed!