Did not make tea this morning but got on the web right away.

Made a shopping list and left the house at 8.30 am.

A quick shot of the window in our hallway. Someone is taking diligent care of this plant and the cats regularly try to eat it, so I always have to supervise if they’re outside the apartment.

This looks like fun!

Stopped at Tea Lounge for a maté latte.

It’s usually packed with people on computers and kids. A little early for that today.

Yes, another visit to the co-op. If this project went on any longer I could do a photo documentary of it.

Re-wrapped the cheeses I bought, when I got home. They wrap them in plastic, which makes them go bad faster.

Wrote a few postcards on the couch.

If I’m awake and V. is asleep, Didi will inevitably sit by the bedroom door and whine and whine. Sometimes I let her in and she curls up and sleeps, other times she’s determined to get V. up.

Finally made some of Erica’s quinoa chili for later (recipe here).

V. and I decided to try this new diner on Flatbush Ave for brunch.

Food was ok, but the service was terrible.

It’s always Sunday when you’re a cat.

I dropped the cover for the ice cream maker and broke it, then got super glue all over my hands while trying to fix it.

V. always complains that he can’t have my ice-cream, because he’s allergic to dairy, so I made him a batch of dairy-free vanilla chocolate chip ice cream (recipe to follow soon).

Decided to go to afternoon yoga.

I love that some of the brownstones in Brooklyn still have gas lamps.

The yoga studio (and you can see how warm it is by the woman in the background).

On my way home I realized I forgot to buy lettuce, so I stopped by Union Market. Couldn’t face the Sunday afternoon hordes at the co-op.

Gogo did not want to be inside.

Regular Sunday night ritual: Mardi came over, we ate chili and salad (I took a picture of the food, and it’s disappeared???!?), and watched Game of Thrones and Mad Men.