Got up at 9 and spent an hour blogging. Starting the day with tea makes all the difference.

A little snack before yet another trip to to the Co-op.

Breakfast was toasted rye bread with hazelnut butter and cinnamon…I’ve been loving that combination lately.

V. got up at 10.30 and tried in his new Sea Shepherd hat (attempting to make a menacing face).

More dishes.

V. touched up all the spots on the wall that were scuffed during the FiOs installation.

We called my parents. I got up to get the camera and Gogo took my spot.

Made David Lebovitz’s chocolate tart to bring to dinner tonight (recipe here).

Vacuumed (does this win for must uninteresting photo ever uploaded on a blog?)

We had to return our previous cable equipment, so V. and I took the bus down 5th Ave. in Brooklyn. This is the building where his mother grew up. Just as we  were driving by, this man leaned out the window, which is the exact window that his grandmother used to sit at when she was very old, watching the goings on downstairs.

An interesting name for a store?!

We got off on 25th St. V. remembers this building from when he was a kid, when it was new and he always wanted to go inside.

Across the street is the entrance to Greenwood Cemetery. Leonard Bernstein is buried here, as well as Louis Comfort Tiffany, amongst many others!

Stood in line for 25 minutes to return our cable box.

Then back on the bus.

So many interesting store fronts.

We got off on 5th street and walked up to 7th Ave, passing this tree stump (it must have just gotten cut down).

Lunch was a falafel wrap for V. and avocado salad for me.

Carrot, papaya, apple juice for dessert.

Got home and found Didi indecently exposed.

Spent an hour sort of napping and snuggling with the kitties.

V. goofing off.

At 7.30 pm we grabbed our wine and chocolate tart and walked over to our neighbors’ down the hall. We had only ever said “hi” in the elevator, so I didn’t want to barge in with my gigantic camera. Had a great time. They made black bean soup, with quiche and sautéed ramps. Yum.

On the couch at midnight. I was tired and SNL wasn’t very funny.