Big breakfast today, since the day was going to be very long. Perusing the Maison du Chocolate cookbook for ideas for dessert to bring to our neighbors Saturday night.

Waiting for the train at Grand Army Plaza.

The beautiful sight that greeted me at Candle.

Jen was behind the bar again. Yay!

Every day, several people squeeze past this chair (which sits in the door) and sign, around 10.45 am, to try and order a juice.

Still life with Hugo!

Magical things happening in the kitchen.

Chelsea arrived around noon to be second waitress.

After my shift, a quick dinner before heading down to Chinatown with catering food.

Leaving these two to hold down the cafe fort. Mehdi on the left. Described by customers as “the tall handsome bartender,” or “the Puerto Rican guy” (he’s from Morocco).

Catering happened here at this old firehouse! Candle donated food for this excellent cause:

The Sea Shepherd (as seen on Whale Wars) fundraiser.

The mural across from where we set up our table.

Sea Shepherd turns 35 this year! If you haven’t heard of them, check them out at

Mardi came to help me plate and serve food. Guacamole, crostini with white bean purée and seitan chimichurri.

Vegan Treats provided the desserts.

Kyle, who works at Candle 79, was tending bar.

The man himself. Paul Watson. Founder of Sea Shepherd. Inspiring human being!

Mardi and I bought several shirts.

Video footage of Sea Shepherd campaigns played in the background.

Stuff to be auctioned of at the end of the night.

This is Todd’s back. He used to work in the same office as V., but he quit to join Sea Shepherd and has been working in their Galapagos campaign for years now (stopping illegal fishing and shark fin poaching, and educating ). He’s my hero.

Paul Watson gave a speech (after autographing the shirt of the man in red).

Mardi and I went to get a glass of wine in TriBeCa before heading home, but I forgot to take a picture, so here I am with V. on the couch around midnight. I’m checking Erica’s blog and he’s watching a show about samurai.