Got up. Made tea and spent an hour blogging.


Gave up the computer to V., who worked from home today because Verizon was coming to install FiOS.

A quick morning trip to the co-op in the rain.

Around 2.30pm I took a car service to make a cake delivery.

To this building on the Upper West Side.

Got on the B train to Rockefeller Center and got a cup of coffee at Bouchon.

Walking across 49th St., I passed the Japanese bakery, which always has the most wondrous window displays!

Rode the elevator up to Ronin Gallery on 49th and Madison.

Outside their door is this print. A kitty watching over Mt. Fuji. What could be better?!

From the gallery I walked to Grand Central to catch the subway back to Brooklyn. Didn’t have the right lens to capture the station, but its size is always so awe-inspiring!

Got home to find the Verizon guy had gone, and left us with this.

V. hadn’t been out of the house yet, so we decided to take a 20 minute walk to Fort Greene and go out to dinner. Sadly, to do so, we had to walk by the gigantic construction site that is Atlantic Yards and will soon be the stadium that houses the Brooklyn Nets.

We’ve been meaning to try this restaurant, called No. 7, for months now, after reading rave reviews all over the place. It sits on Greene St, right behind this tree.

The back of the restaurant has a skylight, so we had a daylight dinner. Starting to feel hints of summer.

This is the front of the restaurant with the bar. It has the retro 1920’s atmosphere that is ubiquitous in Brooklyn…quite cozy.

This is their signature appetizer…deep fried Broccoli! Ha!

As my entree I had hazelnut crusted tofu with fennel, kale and beets, and Vernon had a fried fish sandwich. They were delicious, but perhaps a little too fried…

And V. didn’t put 2 and 2 together, so he ordered fries as his side! Well…at least there was a theme to it. Ultimately it was a cozy and fun night out, but I wasn’t as blown away by the food as I was hoping. Knowing what it is now, I would go back though.

Dessert was a citrus tart. It had been refrigerated so the crust was soggy. My job makes me extra picky about dessert. This one didn’t quite make the cut for me.

The subway is right in front of the restaurant and this beautiful orb was glowing at the entrance as we came out.

Came home and hung the print I picked up at the gallery earlier in the day.

Watched the first half of The Daily Show and went to bed.