Got up at 6.30am, dressed and walked down 3 blocks to yoga. This is earliest I’ve been up in years, but desperate (i.e. busy) times call for desperate measures. Only the first 10 minutes were torture, then it felt good.

Stopped at the co-op on my way home to get some bananas…

for my breakfast.

Showered and made tea to take on the train.

Back on the subway at Grand Army Plaza, which has beautiful old tile work. IRT stands for Interborough Rapid Transit, which was the private operator of the first NYC subway system (the city bought it from them in 1940).

There was a man playing acoustic guitar. I like him. Sometimes there’s a guy playing electric guitar in the morning and I always want to strangle him.

This was my view for most of the ride (the people in the background changed).

Amazing Jen was behind the bar today. I love her. She is also teaching me how to drive (which you will not get to see because my next lesson is next week).

I love this photo because it really captures Chef Arturo. He’s always bemused.

Dominic was waiting tables with me today.

A blurry photo of the first half of my dinner.

And the second half.

Came home and did laundry.

The cats were anxious to get out of the apartment to explore the hallway.

I made meringues for a friend.

And then I had a bunch of egg yolks, so I made vanilla ice cream for a dinner party we’re going to on Saturday.

While the meringues were in the oven, V. and I watched 30 Rock.

Checked email.

After 5 hours, I ended up with deflated and sticky meringues. Ugh! Not sure if it was the humidity. Very frustrated. To bed.