Tuesday starts with a cup of tea. (I usually make it while V. snoozes for 5 more minutes).

Then I empty the dish washer.

The day began grey and rainy.

Breakfast was leftover sautéed broccoli and black rice from Candle, with creamy wasabi dressing.

While drinking my tea, I read the NYTimes online while Gogo did her best to get my attention.

Had to tacke last night’s baking dishes.

Wearing lounging around the house clothes today.

My late morning and early afternoon snacks. I could eat almond butter all day….

Gogo only drinks from a running faucet so every few hours she meows in my direction and I turn it on for her.

More work on the computer…mostly cake related…

Around 3.30pm I got on the train to Dumbo.

Got off at Clark Street, where you have to take the elevator to get to street level..always feels vaguely creepy!

I walked along Columbia Heights, catching glimpses of lower Manhattan. V’s office building is the second one in from the harbor, so I gave a mental wave.

Passed under the Brooklyn Bridge (look how beautiful the weather became)!!!!

Along Water Street…

Met Steph at this juice bar on Water St. and ordered an “Under the Bridge.”

Sat outside and chatted (and finally got this timer shot after people kept walking into the picture).

Accompanied Steph back to her office where she closed down for the day.

She was heading to Russo’s in the East Village (11th St.), so I decided to tag along. Got my favorite cookie from TuLu’s bakery next door.

This is the real deal for ravioli and sausages. In my case, just the raviolis.

Steph went home and I took the R train back to Park Slope. Most endless route to Brooklyn, because it stops every 100 feet or so….plenty of time to take pictures of people out of the subway window.

Got off on Union St. and 4th Ave. Love this mural.

V. requested roast chicken. If you’re going to eat meat, Fleisher’s on 5th Ave seems like a good source…it still makes me uncomfortable. The things we do for love.

Stopped at the pharmacy on 7th Ave.

It cracks me up (well, actually it depresses me) that they have this huge selection of candy right at the pick-up counter.

Ran out of reading material, so I went to the community bookstore. For those of you who have been hounding me to use the library (Erica)…I have little to say in my defense. Except that this bookstore is local and the staff is extremely helpful and I like to support them. But I should really go to library….I like them too, and they certainly need support.

This is what I picked up. It really makes me want to go on a real adventure trip!

Ate my cookie(s) from Tulu’s. Don’t let looks deceive you…..it’s the world’s greatest cookie. It’s vegan and gluten-free and it seems unsweetened except for the tons of dried fruit and chocolate chips it holds. It’s sooooooo delicious. Thankfully there were only 3 left at the store, and I gave one to Steph, so I could only moderately stuff my face.

V. came home at 6.45 and at 7.15pm we met Nick and Chris in the lobby.

V. teaches martial arts in Prospect Park twice a week. There are 3 girls in the class, including myself, but I only got pictures of the boys.

By the time we end, at 8.30pm, it’s dark.

Made the whole wheat vegetable ravioli that I bought at Russo’s. His (tomato sauce)…

and hers (pesto)…

Back on the couch, talking to V’s mom on the phone. We have this habit of keeping iPad there and looking up random things that pop into our heads while we watch TV. Usually something inane like “hey, how old do you think Morgan Freeman is?”

“I don’t know…let’s look it up…”

(he’s 74).

So glad we’re putting technology to good use. Ha!

We started watching a documentary on HBO called “The Bengali Detective”, about a detective in Kolkata. It was fascinating but I fell asleep anyway.