Barbecued Black- Eyed Peas

We made these ages ago, and I just realized I never posted about them. Maybe because there isn’t all that much to say. The barbecue sauce was pretty sweet, so we only added a little bit. I feel like black- eyed peas are the tofu of the bean world; they are pretty bland on their own, but can be quite good if you manipulate them properly.

We only cooked once this week (we made the spring vegetable fricassee again…yum) because Erica and her family are in New York and we’ve been running around doing touristy stuff, stopping at Le Pain Quotidien all over the city for several of our meals.

We went on a “weed walk” through Prospect Park with our friend Emily, who owns “Nourishing Root”, which specializes in herbal remedies. We all learned so much about all the different plants, and tasted quite a few of them. Some were suspiciously low to the ground though, considering the large number of dogs running around.

We also went to the Brooklyn Botanical Garden to admire the cherry blossoms. Several people had the foresight to bring thermoses of sake, but we enjoyed ourselves quite a bit without it, sitting under the trees, reflecting on the impermanence of everything (an essential part of cherry blossom appreciation) and taking pictures.

Then there were these Japanese Tree Peonies nearby. They were about 10″ in diameter, in pinks and whites and burgundies. Every time the wind blew, a shower of cherry petals rained down on them. It was quite magical.

Finally, we discovered the the garden houses one of Patrick Dougherty’s stick sculptures. It was made from woven sticks in the summer of 2010, and it still looks sturdy. There’s lots of inspiration for those of us living in the Ontario woods!