Wild Mushroom and Spring Vegetable Fricassee

Marinated Tempeh

Ever since since I first saw the photo of this fricassee in the book, I have been impatiently waiting for fava beans to show up at the market. They’re here, and I will be making this a few more times before they go away. There are lots of textures, so the creamy polenta is a perfect base. It’s also the most time consuming part of the meal, unless you’re using the pre-cooked one that comes in a plastic tube. A white bean puree would be a nice substitute, as would a potato and cauliflower mash.

There was no asparagus to be found, so I went with broccoli and a little zucchini. Any vegetables would be good here, the mushrooms really being the main attraction.

Fricassee is essentially something cooked in gravy. This one was light, adding moisture without overpowering anything.

We wanted a little protein on the side, so we also marinated some tempeh and grilled it (it’s the striped thing you see, way in the back of the plate there). Great meal. I just wish we’d had more leftovers!

Fricassee is on page 63.

Tempeh is on page 108.