Ginger-Seitan Dumplings

Ginger-Soy Dipping Sauce

Cooking the Candle 79 Cookbook has been about a lot of firsts for me. I bought (and cooked) my first poblano pepper. I’ve been casually frying things at home. I’ve discovered so many new favorite recipes. And I bought my first bamboo steamer! I always think that trying a new technique in the kitchen is going to be labor-intensive, or complicated, or impossible. And 99% of the time this is not the case at all. I know. I was steaming something. It’s pathetic. Surely there’s a greater life lesson in that.

The hardest thing about this recipe was finding the won-ton wrappers, which involved a trip to Chinatown (and that’s always an adventure, not a hardship). When I filled the dumplings, a few of them cracked a little, probably because I over-stuffed them. This might have been a problem if I fried them, but in the steamer they held together perfectly. I got about 30, rather than the 40 that the recipe claims it yields. But I thought the filling-to-dough ratio was perfect, so I would keep lean towards more filling in the future.

This is another recipe that is going into the “must make for parties often” folder. I opted to steam the dumplings because I was also serving arancini and onion rings, so there was enough fried goodness already on the table (more on that soon). These were tender with tons of flavor and they were gone in no time. Pair with the ginger-soy dipping sauce for perfect success.

Dumplings are on page 23.

Sauce is on page 115.