These chocolate milkshakes are a huge hit with my kids, and I suspect the only way I can keep them that way is to never allow them to help me make them:-) These shakes are a great opportunity for me to shove a bunch of high-fat, highly nutritious ingredients into them, under the guise of a treat! There’s no real recipe, but I’ll tell you what I did for these ones….

1 avocado
2 squares frozen wheatgrass
handful frozen strawberries
flax oil
raw cocoa powder
1 can coconut water
2 scoops coconut ‘ice cream’
splash maple syrup
almond milk to cover

Blend and serve:-)

Other times I will add ground flax seeds, or ground hemp seeds, I’ve tried spirulina but the kids get super suspicious of green drinks, melted coconut oil is often a hit, etc – essentially, the world is your oyster in terms of combos, for me the challenge is finding things that all three of the kids will devour as a treat!