I’ve been trying to limit the amount of coffee I drink in the morning, and so have started a new routine with this powerful shake. I found the recipe in the Refresh cookbook, a new favourite of mine these days! I love it as is, but when I don’t have fresh pineapple to juice I add a bit of mango juice which turns out just as well. I’ve also swapped out almond milk, cows milk and coconut milk for the soy milk, all of which are quite tasty. And I’ve also been known to add a bit of spirulina or some ground hemp seeds into. Obviously, add what you’d like to make it YOUR morning drink, but I highly recommend starting from this delicious base recipe!

ZenMatcha Power Shake (p. 158)

4 slices pineapple
3 oz filtered water
1 banana, peeled
6 oz vanilla soymilk
1 shake cinnamon
1 Tbl. matcha green tea powder

Juice the pinapple. Add filtered water to flush the juice through. Place the pineapple, banana, soymilk, cinnamon and matcha green tea powder in the blender. Start on a low setting and switch to a higher setting for about a minute. Pour into a tall glass and enjoy!