Saffron Ravioli with Wild Mushrooms and Cashew Cheese

Cashew Creme Fraiche

Making ravioli from scratch is a zen undertaking. Or at least it should be, if you don’t want to lose you mind, especially if you’re cooking for a big group. Making the pasta dough was easy (and Joy leant me her pasta maker, so rolling it out was a breeze). The assembly took a little time and patience, and I cursed a little bit along the way. You know… in a totally zen way!

I couldn’t find palm oil anywhere, so I used canola oil, which seems to have been fine. (And in looking up palm oil I discovered that its harvest is destroying orang-utan habitats in Borneo, so maybe it’s a good thing I couldn’t find it, although who knows what dirt I could dig up on canola oil). I didn’t need nearly as much water as the recipe called for, but I dumped it all in at once, so I had to add more semolina and all-purpose flour, ending up with quite a bit of extra dough. No problem. Made more filling and put the extra ravioli in the freezer.

The pasta was very tender and the combination of tomato sauce and cashew creme-fraiche was perfect. And I made my first batch of crispy capers, which are a favorite garnish at both the Candles. Yum!!! I could eat those by the handful. They’re right up there on the awesome scale with shiitake bacon (it’s the salt and fat thing).

Speaking of both the Candles…did you hear there’s going to be a third one opening on the Upper West Side of Manhattan in April! Woohoo!

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