Tofu and Seitan Sausage Scramble

Potato Cakes


It’s been a very busy weekend at CakeWorthy (cake is better than flowers on Valentine’s Day, wouldn’t you agree?), but I nevertheless squeezed in a home-cooked breakfast of tofu scramble on Sunday morning. I’ve made a few tofu scrambles in my life, from random recipes on the internet, but this one was by far the best! It was moist, with lots of flavor from the jalapenos (not too spicy) and cilantro, and the seitan sausage added good texture. Between the tomatoes and the spinach, you also get a decent serving of veggies. If you had a little extra time, it would make a great weekday breakfast as well, with lots of protein to get you through the day (or you could eat left-overs, like I did this morning).

For the cilantro haters, I’m sure parsley would make an excellent substitute, and you could endlessly vary the veggies inside…..avocado, broccoli, mushrooms, anyone? It’s going to be a staple around here for sure.

The potato cakes were sort of a cross between mashed and fried. I’m not a big potato lover, so I’m perhaps the wrong person to judge, but as the tuber goes, it’s seems like a perfectly good way to serve it. And yes, I did make them heart shaped. Don’t say I’m not romantic!

I did mess with the proportions of the recipe a little bit. I used only 1 lb of tofu, since that’s what comes in a package, and there were only 2 of us eating. I crumbled in 2 whole seitan sausages, so that was more than the recipe called for, and I kept all the veggies the same, so it was perhaps a little more spinach heavy than Chef Angel intended. I think you can play with it, as long as you get enough liquid to keep it from drying out.

Scramble is on page 137.

Potato Cakes are on page 103.