Nori- and Sesame Crusted Seitan

Gingered Sugar Snap Peas

Soba Noodles

Edamame Mint Sauce



The fact that there are four recipes in this one meal should have tipped me off that it was going to be a bit time consuming, but instead, I thought I would just whip this up on Saturday night when our friend Mardi came over for dinner. Well, she arrived at 6pm and her and V. watched all of Troy on TV, and then came and hung out in the kitchen to drink and chat. We ate at 9.

Partly it’s my fault for not doing the proper mise-en-place (fancy French word for prep). Instead, V. and I wandered down Atlantic Avenue in the afternoon to browse antique shops and then stopped at Brooklyn Larder to sample their jelly doughnuts (yes! I’m back on sugar)! For those of you who know about my quest for the perfect Berliner, I found it! Only about 8 blocks from my apartment! They’re baked, not fried, and filled with fresh, fruity delicious jam! Somehow I think I was safer when they were only in Germany, but it’s pretty exciting. And not having had sugar for 4 weeks does seem to have reset my body to the point where I don’t want a lot of it. I’m hoping it will stay that way!

Anyway, so I marinated my seitan in the morning and then forgot about the rest of the meal until 5.30pm. If I had made all sauces ahead of time it would have been a breeze. There were some turned up noses when I said we were having sugar snap peas, so I added a bunch of other veggies and they were gingery and delicious. The seitan was fried goodness, as expected. The light sauce on the soba noodles was perfect and is going to become a regularly used recipe around here. We didn’t actually use soba noodles this time, but whole wheat spaghetti, because I couldn’t find the thicker soba around here, only the stringy kind that goes in soup. Nobody noticed. As long as the noodle is heartier, I think you’re set, but I don’t think regular semolina pasta would stand up to the scallion and sesame.

The edamame-mint sauce was a refreshing and light touch, that balanced the rather substantial meal. It would be good on tofu, and I also used it as a salad dressing the next day.