Mexican Chocolate Cake

This is a very quick cake to bake, so it makes for an easy last-minute dessert. It’s very moist, a little bit spongey, and light, so it also follows well on the heels of a large meal. It had a lovely note of cinnamon, but none of us could really taste the spice from the ancho chile powder. It was perfectly good without it, but if you’re looking for that little kick, I would add a little bit more than what the recipe calls for. The chocolate sauce (not pictured) adds a layer of richness and contrasts well with the texture of the cake.

The recipe states that it makes two 9″ pans, but I baked all of it in one, and as you can see it didn’t get very tall. If you want to fill it with a frosting, I suggest you double the recipe and make it in 2 pans. One recipe will yield 12 cupcakes though!

Page 148.