I have childhood memories of being unable to even TASTE the dish of eggplant placed in front me, sitting there for a good hour just staring at it and finally leaving the table to discover cold eggplant offered to me for breakfast. So needless to say, I haven’t always been a big fan of eggplant:-) But once I was actually willing to take a small bite, I discovered a whole new world of wonderful tastes – especially roasted or fried, yum!!!!

This is a recipe that I’ve modified to death and kind of create as I go along, and I invite you to experiment as well.

Tomato Sauce –

I roasted 2 red peppers, and rubbed the skins off. I then chopped up one onion and two cloves of garlic and gently heated these in olive oil. I then added 1 can of tomatoes, some fresh basil and the red peppers. I simmered them for a while, and then once everything was cooked through, I blended them all together.

Eggplants –

I cut the eggplant into thin slices. I then ground up some spelt oats (but really any oat flakes, or bread crumbs or flour would work) in a coffee grinder, and combined them with ground flax seeds. With these placed in a bowl, I dredged the eggplant slices in them until they were covered well on both sides, and then fried them on each side in coconut oil. I then placed these slices on a piece of paper towel to cool off.

To Assemble –

I took a lasagne pan and covered the bottom with a thin layer of tomato sauce. Then I added a layer of eggplant, a layer of fresh spinach, another layer of tomato sauce, some daiya shredded mozza ‘cheese’, and repeat until you are out of eggplant. I then baked it in my oven at 350 degrees for about an hour, and enjoyed it every meal afterwards until it was all gone! Yum:-)