This paella is a feast. So many colors and delicious spice! I used Field Roast Grain Meat Co.’s mexican chipotle sausages, which added a nice kick. I used arborio rice because I couldn’t find the Valencia and it came out a little too sticky. Next time I think I might try it with basmati or even regular brown rice. I set up my DVR to record the Golden Globes on Sunday, cooked for about an hour and then sat down to watch, thinking I would skip over the commercials. Unfortunately the DVR failed to record anything (even though the red light was on), so I just missed the first hour and had to watch the ads anyway. Oh well. At least I had a plate of yumminess to accompany my award show obsession!

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PS: Did you know that yesterday (Monday) was supposed to be the “most depressing day of the year”? Aren’t you glad we got that over with? It’s all uphill from here, friends!!!