Sauteed Swiss Chard
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Sadly, there is no picture for this dish either. I must have hit the “delete all” button on my camera before downloading. Sorry folks. You all know what sauteed greens look like, I imagine. These looked better! Ha!
I previously used to steam my greens before sauteeing. Turns out that’s entirely unnecessary! Don’t I feel dumb. I’ve wasted good time on this extra step over the years, but I swear that’s what they taught us to do in the one cooking class I took at “Natural Gourmet Institute.” But that was ages ago. Who knows what really happened?!
Just wash and chop your greens. Sautee some garlic and shallots in olive oil. Add greens and toss till they wilt. Voila! Your delicious and healthful side dish is served!!

Speaking of healthful, but on a totally different note: Is there anything more disgusting than garlic juice? Don’t answer that, because I already know! I’m feeling under the weather again and my friend and co-worker Thad made me the following juice:
Beet, pear, kale, ginger, garlic.
I got through the day feeling pretty good, so I’m willing to concede that maybe this was a good idea. At least my tastebuds are compromised from my cold! It’s worse than swallowing salt water while swimming in the ocean and only slightly better than being sick all week! Yuk!!