Spaghetti and Seitan Wheatballs with
Roasted Plum Tomato Sauce

Erica came down to New York City from Ottawa with her family this past week. They got caught in a snow storm on the way down, turning what should have been an 8-hour drive, into a tedious 11-hour voyage.
I had prepped the wheat balls and tomato sauce in the morning, so it was easy enough to delay the cooking process until their arrival. Funnily enough, none of the kids wanted to taste the wheat balls, because as Kea explained: “we’ve never eaten food shaped into a ball before.” But the tomato sauce was well-received!
Among the adults, the reviews of the balls were mixed. The general complaint was that the texture was too soft. Perhaps I minced the seitan in the food processor for too long. I would definitely try to keep it a little chunkier in the future. The leeks and garlic made for good flavor, coupled with the relative simplicity of the sauce.