Seitan Piccata and Braised Green Beans

Seitan Piccata is V’s favorite dish at Candle 79. He never gets anything else. So when we had my parents and some friends over for dinner the other night he requested that it be the next thing I cook from the cookbook. I would have waited a few more months to make it, because frying things sort of scares me. And frying things in small batches and keeping them warm for 7 people, and then plating them before they get cold, scares me even more. It helped that my mother offered to help (while being so amazed by the seitan, which she had never seen before).

We did not make the seitan… I love Ray’s Wheat Meat, which seems to be available at several health food stores around New York City, so it never seems worth the effort of starting from scratch. Someday though! Before this project is done!

I started by making the green beens – almonds add some texture and just a hint of flavor. Then I put them on a sheet pan in the oven, covered with foil, at 170 degrees (as low as my oven will go) to keep them warm, while we cooked the rest.

We made garlic mashed potatoes (boiled, then pureed in the food processor with soy milk, a little olive oil, salt and pepper).

My mom made the sauce. I breaded and fried the seitan. V. took pictures after we plated. Hooray for team work in the kitchen!

I was the only vegetarian at the table and everyone completely cleaned their plates. It’s a filling and fulfilling dish. Perfect for a cold winter evening with friends, family, and lots of red wine!

Recipes are on pages 89 and 111.

I know. This not actually sharing the recipes is a little frustrating. But I can’t copy the entire book for you. And so far 8 out of 8 recipes have been winners. That’s a pretty great record if you’re still looking for a good Christmas present!

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, this recipe is completely different from the piccata in the Candle Cafe Cookbook. I like this one a lot better.