Whenever I’m in Hamburg I have to eat as many jelly doughnuts as I can find. They are traditionally eaten on New Year’s Eve. You buy a whole bunch, and one of them is filled with mustard, bringing good luck to the person who finds it….I guess the idea being that if you’re unlucky enough to start the year with a mustard doughnut, things can only go uphill from there.
Luckily, the non-mustard variety is available all year, with lots of delicious fillings, like raspberry, strawberry or plum jam, or even applesauce. Some bakeries are offering non-traditional fillings like chocolate or eggnog custard, but I haven’t had the urge to try either! When it comes to pastry, I’m sort of a traditionalist (see my post about chocolate puff pastry)!

This one came from one of the chain bakeries (which most of them are, nowadays) but it was still fabulous. As long as they were made fresh that day (some bakeries sell them for 2 days, so it pays to ask), they are always moist and soft. And the jam is always full of fruit. Not like the gelatinous goop you get at American doughnut chains.
Berliners come either in this granulated sugar variety, or with powdered sugar, or icing sugar. I should have bought all three to photograph for you, but I only thought of that now (you know, as I’m back in New York and not distracted by doughnuts i need to eat), so I’ll leave it to your imagination.