There are the things we are afraid to try, but decide we should taste at least once (and the list of those things is quite different for a vegetarian than, say…Anthony Bourdain). Then there are the things we only get to taste once because we have them in another city or country, and then we can spend the rest of time thinking about them. Like this vanilla custard filled doughnut that we had on the island of Sandö in Sweden. It was so fresh and airy and perfect.

The bakery there is only open for the summer. In the winter the island’s population drops to 400 (from 3000 during the summer, plus day visitors), and I guess these poor souls are left to bake their own bread. The baker goes to his studio in Stockholm to paint away the dark months. Perfect life?! Here is the bakery:

Sweden also has its share of culinary oddities, which I did not feel the need to try even once. Most memorably the Star Wars ice cream bar: vanilla ice cream with soft licorice center and crunchy licorice coating. Would George Lucas really approve?