We are FOREVER trying to come up with healthy snack foods that everyone likes, in order to feed these bottomless pits we call children! I’m astounded by how many times they complain of being starving 15 minutes after we’ve eaten a huge meal, so my goal in life right now seems to be creating healthy and affordable snack foods that they can grab on their own!

We had a bag of apples that no one seemed willing to eat, and finally it came out that everyone thought they tasted gross. So one night Jamie had the brilliant idea of pulling out our dehydrator (something we use a tonne in the summer for camping meals) and dehydrating the apples into rings. Because they didn’t like the taste of these specific apples, we put lemon juice and cinnamon on them before hand, but since then have done another batch up plain and the kids LOVED both of them. Pear rings are also a HUGE hit, and now I’m excited to try all sorts of other fruit – melons and blueberries and mangoes. Those will probably wait until the summer, though, when they’re more readily available – for now we’ve included jars of dehydrated apples and pears to our snack list!