We had wanted to make caramelized apples with vanilla ice cream for christmas dessert. There was no room in the freezer for the ice cream though, so we left it outside in the snow, where it melted into a soupy mess! And the stuffing with dinner contained apples, so we switched gears at the last second, while everyone was digesting their three or so helpings of food.
My mom had frozen berries so she cooked them up with some sugar. My friend Maike and I whipped up some cream, mixed in a cup of sour cream, and enough powdered sugar to sweeten. A raid of the liquor cabinet produced a bottle of Cointreau. We started out with 2 tablespoons, then 4, then 6, then a few more generous swigs of the bottle! Just short of the cream getting runny, we layered it with the berries in glasses…..voila….one of the most delicious desserts ever! No need for long prep! Hooray!!