Is applesauce worth blogging about? Everyone knows how to make it, right? (Peel and chop apples, add a little water, cook until soft). I might as well write about the toast I made this morning (place bread in toaster and turn on).

But I like applesauce, and it’s one of the few things I actually made this week. And I’m having fun taking pictures of all the food that comes out of my kitchen.
And there are surprisingly many questions that come up when you tell people you’re making applesauce…
Do you add cinnamon and nutmeg? (I did, but V said it made it taste too much like pie filling and he would have preferred it without. Personally I think this is a good thing…pie filling for breakfast, woohoo)!
Do you add sugar? Never!! The sugars concentrate as the apples cook and it was soooooo sweet as is!
Do you puree it after it’s cooked? This is a personal preference of course, but I think the thing that makes homemade applesauce so unique is its chunkiness. So you could throw it in the food processor, but then it would taste like store-bought and you’d have more dishes to do! 🙂
So actually applesauce is a very nuanced and delicate thing to make and not like toast at all.
But I do like toast! And taking pictures! And it is another one of the few things I made this week…